Grit & Glam Farm

Specialty Microgreen Varieties and Pricing 

All of our greens are grown on a special blend of certified organic soil.  We strive to produce all of our inputs in-house and source seed from as close to home as possible.  We never use GMO, synthetic or chemical seed, feed or supplies.

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Sunflower Microgreens:      $20/lb

A regionally sustainable SuperFood!!!  Baby Sunflowers are 25% protein by weight, with all the live enzymes needed for easy assimilation. Packed with nutrients and phyto-chemicals great for heart, brain and reproductive health.   Oh, and did we mention, they are super YUMMY!

Micro Mix:                         $28/lb
Approximately 75% sunflower with at least two other varieties (usually arugula and radish or kale and beet) to add extra flavor and texture to your plate.

Wheatgrass:             $20/flat         
Our organic seed and sweet artesian well water make for delicious wheatgrass.  This price includes a $5 refundable deposit for the growing tray.

Free Range Eggs:          $5/dz
Please note, eggs are not available except when ordered with other products.   Limit 2 dz per customer per week.

Honey:                     $15/lb
Local from Caroline County, Va.  Raw and unpasturized.  Bees keep us all alive!