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½ Hog*--  $5.85/lb
Whole Hog*--  $5.25/lb

USDA facility Scald and Scape processing.  Final price based on hanging weight, (whole hog approx 220 lbs.)   Custom cut is available if desired.
                                                        *****$200 deposit to reserve half or whole hog is due by November 15th, 2016******

Retail Cuts and Pricing:
Chops $10/lb
Bacon $10/lb
SpareRibs $9/lb
Country Style Ribs $8/lb
Boston Butt or Picnic Roast $8/lb.
Uncured Ham (Large Roast) $6/lb
Uncured Ham Steaks $5/lb
Ground Pork Sausage $8lb
          (unseasoned, regular breakfast, hot breakfast, italian, or hot italian.) All natural. No preservatives or MSG added.


We started with heritage breed crosses and give them plenty of room to roam under a canopy of hickory and oak.  These lucky pigs get all the apple scraps from our orchard’s cider making.  The only other supplement to their forage is NON-GMO grain.  Finally, we let our happy hogs live 9+ months, ensuring that the fat has time to mature.  The result is a deeply flavorful, sweet sustenance you can share with your loved ones and feel good about.

Pasture Raised Pork

Available December 2016 -- Reserve Today