Our 50 ladies have acres to play and be chickens in.  In addition to their forage, we supplement their diet with organic juice bar compost, the roots from our microgreen operation, and NON-GMO grain.  The result is a deep orange yolk and an unforgettable egg!


About Our Farm

We are a 10 acre boutique, homestead farm located halfway between Richmond and DC in Caroline County, VA. Using organic and renewable resources abundant in the area, we work to create systems that harmonize with nature while producing copious amounts of delicious food.  We are committed to using only Non-GMO seeds and feeds and NEVER chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

In the future we aim to become a nursery for diverse native perennial food crops such as Jerselem Artichoke, Apples, Berries, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Black Walnuts, Paw-paw, Kiwi Berry, Persimmon and Grapes.

We also host events, photography sessions, and kids birthday parties featuring our farm animals.

 Thank you for your support!

We believe each creature has implicit value, and are so greatful to the animals which add so much to our homestead.  Our heritage hogs help us clear out underbrush, till up new ground, fertilize our pastures and at the end of journey provide sustenance. In return, we spoil them in all the best ways... give them the best life possible with lots of love, attention and apples!

We produce and bring product from our homestead to your home year round.  We offer discount prices for regularly repeat delivery customers. Contact us via email to get started today! 

Farm Fresh Eggs


Pastured Pork

We produce these organic delicacies year-round.  We grow several varieties of microgreens, but think the nutritional content of the Sunflower Micro is pretty astounding!  If you are into clean eating, and vegitarian protein, you gotta check these out.

Grit & Glam Farm

Grit and Glam Farm